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Hello! Like many of you, I am concerned with societal challenges:

Exacerbating those challenges, We live in an era where:

This social advocacy project involves an exploration of the nature of truth, wealth, power, privilege, deception, and disinformation:


Addressing the challenges to humanity outlined above requires unfettered access to factual knowledge, excluding sources known to be fraudulent.

By covering a variety of informational sources, monitoring their motivations and agendae, and investigating their sources (e.g, raw source vs. mirrored content) I hope to provide -- as much as possible -- reputable content providing truthful information.

To address these challenges, in the near term I will apply various data science (graphical models / knowledge graphs; data visualization), machine learning, and natural language processing approaches.

Downstream, it is my intention to apply those tools to the research areas I originally intended to explore, including molecular genetics, genomics, health and disease.

Dr. Victoria A. Stuart, Ph.D.

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